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16 TV shows that will be trending in April 2022

tv shows trending april

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We’ve created this list from the top trending events on Forekast. The 16 shows listed below are in order of release date, from earliest to latest in April, 2022.

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And now, the 16 TV releases that will be trending in April 2022.

This month’s biggest TV titles include

1. Impractical Jokers (TruTV) – April 2

The best show in the world is back, sans-Joe.

2. Benjamin Franklin (PBS) – April 4

3. Kids Choice Awards (Nickelodeon) – April 9

Get slimed.

4. Our Great National Parks with Barack Obama (Netflix) – April 13

5. The Kardashians (Hulu) – April 14

New channel, same drama, introducing Pete I’m guessing?

6. Fear the Walking Dead season 8 (AMC) – April 17

7. Russian Doll season 2 (Netflix) – April 20

8. The Flight Attendant season 2 (HBO) – April 21

9. They Call Me Magic (Apple TV+) – April 22

If you loved The Last Dance, this one’s for you.

10. The Biggest Little Farm: The Return (Disney+) – April 22

One of the best Netflix docs ever has a follow-up on Disney+.

11. Selling Sunset season 5 (Netflix) – April 22

12. Barry season 3 (HBO) – April 24

13. We Own This City (HBO) – April 25

From the creator of The Wire, and it’s based in Baltimore, too.

14. David Spade: Nothing Personal (Netflix) – April 26

15. Under the Banner of Heaven (Hulu) – April 28

16. Ozark season 4 (Netflix) – April 29

Oh, and if you need more to watch…here’s EVERYTHING coming to Netflix in April 2022.

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