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Stay Ahead of Trends to Plan Your Social Media Content

social media dates of significance

Planning social media content takes creativity and skill, whether the content is for a small business or a Fortune 500 company. But creating multiple posts every week, or in some cases, every day, is no small feat. Social media marketers need to create a routine for themselves when coming up with ideas so that the inspiration-well never runs dry. Here are a few ways to find social media content inspiration and stay ahead of trends.

Significant Dates and Holidays

There’s a holiday for everything, and staying on top of them all is an aggravating challenge for marketers. From National Entrepreneur Day to the first day of Spring, and about 10,000 important dates in between, marketers (1) don’t want to miss an opportunity and (2) can use significant dates and holidays for social media content inspiration and ideas.

What’s Trending, and What’s Going to Be Trending

trending dates and events

There are two kinds of marketers: those who wake up and see what’s trending on Twitter, and those who know what’s going to be trending tomorrow. If you know when the new James Bond movie is coming out, you know what day it’s going to be trending. The same goes for sporting events, rocket launches, TV finales, and hundreds of other topics.


Newsjacking can be used by marketers to enter the conversation online and get more engagement for their brands. If you know WHEN the next Leap Year is, you can create content for your brand to publish on Leap Day and enter the conversation – just like Aviation Gin brilliantly did last year.


Some of the largest brands in the world stay ahead of trends by using Forekast’s website and calendar integration. From NASA and Spotify to Ford and Nintendo, Forekast helps companies plan their marketing campaigns around major trends and happenings. Here are five examples of successful event-based marketing from Oreo, Budweiser, and other household names.

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If you’re a marketer that needs to know what’s going to be trending to help you plan your content, give Forekast a try today.

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