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Social Media Post Ideas for St. Patrick’s Day

St Patrick's Day Social Media Post Ideas

Celebrate the luck of the Irish on social media with one of these St. Patrick’s Day social media post ideas. Finding social media content and inspiration for national holidays can be challenging, but we’ve got some ideas and examples from the best brands in the world, including Tourism Ireland, Guinness, and more.

Here are five simple social media post ideas for St. Patrick’s Day, and don’t forget to fill your social media calendar with events for more ideas.

1. Run a virtual St. Patrick’s Day social media event

This year there won’t be many in-person celebrations, so trying celebrating St. Patrick’s Day on social media with a virtual event. Live video on social media can make for great virtual events, whether you’re planning on running a Facebook Live, Instagram Live, a Clubhouse event, or any other kind of digital event. Brands can use St. Patrick’s Day to gather their followers online and celebrate.

Tourism Ireland posted this on Facebook for St. Patrick’s Day last year, for example, highlighting multiple virtual St. Patrick’s Day events.

2. Run a St. Patrick’s Day social media giveaway

A St. Patrick’s Day giveaway is a great way to celebrate the day on social media. This is one of our favorite social media post ideas for St. Patrick’s Day because there is so much great swag and gifts to giveaway on St. Patrick’s day! Brands can collect likes, follows, or email addresses on social media in exchange for entry, and giveaway awesome St. Patrick’s Day-themed gifts like Yukon Gear & Axle did. We love this St. Patrick’s Day social media post idea.

3. Launch a St. Patrick’s Day social media special product

This could just be a gimmick, it could even be photoshopped as a joke just to look like your product has changed for St. Patrick’s Day (if it’s is a joke make that clear), but dropping a little product in honor of St. Patrick Day is a fun way to get people engaged on Social Media. Here’s the mug Death Wish Coffee shared to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, on the left.

4. Remind people how your product or service relates to St. Patrick’s Day on social media

It’s important to connect your brand to holidays of significance when you’re posting about them, so look for ways that your company relates to St. Patrick’s Day. If you can’t find anything, you should consider waiting for a holiday that does fit your brand. Here’s how local delivery company Dolphin Delivery celebrated St. Patrick’s Day, reminding its followers that they help ship Guinness to pubs. This was a great St. Patrick’s Day social media posts.

5. When in doubt…go green for St. Patrick’s Day on social media

This is the simplest, easiest idea for social media post opportunities on St. Patrick’s Day, but it works well. Making your logo, product, service, cover photo, or anything else online green for the day can get you some nice social media engagement. Here’s what Rock N Roll Tequila did last year, turning their regularly orange-colored Mango Tequila bottle into a green celebration for a St. Patrick’s Day post on social media.

We hope these 5 social media post ideas for St. Patrick’s Day help you plan your social media content for St. Patrick’s Day. Social media managers know that coming up with social media post opportunities isn’t easy, and starting with some ideas like the ones above should help you get started planning your social media content.

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