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Know What’s Going to Be Trending (Before it Starts Trending)

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Smart marketers know what’s trending on social media. The smartest marketers know what’s going to be trending on social media.

Do you ever see something trending on social media, and realize you’ve missed a post opportunity for your brand? Social media managers and marketing professionals at companies can relate. Agency owners who manage multiple brands’ social media accounts can definitely relate. It’s no fun, but we’ve all been there.

What if there was a way to know what was going to be trending, before it started trending? Well, that would be pretty amazing, and the good news is, it’s entirely possible with Forekast. But before we get into how Forekast can help you stay ahead of the cultural conversation online, let’s take a deeper look at staying on top of social media trending topics and events.

How can you keep track of what’s going to be trending?

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5 Steps to Stay Ahead of Trends (and Generate More Post Opportunities)

1. Read industry blogs and listen to podcasts

Get a Feedly account and start subscribing to industry blogs and publications that relate to the companies you’re doing social media work for. For example, if you’re managing social media for a real estate brokerage, start following local real estate publications, listen to local real estate podcasts, and be on top of any industry conferences or events coming to your town.

2. Reddit forums

Join global and local industry subreddits to see what people are talking about as it relates to your brand. Ask questions about upcoming happenings and events, and be an active member of the community to get the most value from your time on Reddit. Anytime you note an event that’s coming up, add it to your calendar.

3. Use Forekast

Forekast is the front page of the internet. The website effortlessly lets you see what’s going to be trending for every day of the year. Need to know what’s going to be trending on February 18th? Forekast can tell you (it’s NBA All-Star Weekend, Sneakerella is coming to theaters, and about 10 other things are happening, in case you were wondering).

Forekast’s Homepage

4. Use your calendar

Adding relevant events, holidays, and happenings to your calendar will help you stay ahead of trends. With Forekast, you can add any event to your work calendar, set email reminders, and stay on top of your industry’s trending topics.

Forekast Events in Your Calendar

5. Make Forekast your homepage and join the newsletter

When you open your browser every morning, scan the upcoming events on Forekast. You never know when inspiration for a new social media post or marketing opportunity will strike. Supplement this with the Forekast newsletter, a free email that goes out every Monday morning, featuring the week’s top trending events.

The Forekast Newsletter

Have a system

Work what we’ve listed above into your morning routine to never miss a thing. Take time every day to learn about your industry, and pretty soon you’ll be the go-to resource at your company for what’s coming down the pike. As Seth Godin would say, this is exactly how you can become a linchpin at your organization.

Forekast is an essential tool for social media marketers. See why companies like these all use Forekast to stay ahead of trending events.

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