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The benefits of starting a LinkedIn newsletter

linkedin newsletter benefits

The LinkedIn newsletter is here to stay, not just for individual creators but recently, for brands as well. These are the benefits of starting a company LinkedIn newsletter.

The newsletter landscape 

A lot has shifted over the last few years in the world of newsletters. Podcasts are undergoing a similar transformation, but we’ll leave that for another time. As newsletters have reestablished themselves as a way for marketers and brands to connect with potential and existing customers, big tech has taken notice. Twitter purchased newsletter software company Revue, and now Twitter users with Revue newsletters can advertise their newsletter right in their Twitter bio. Substack has become a cultural phenomenon, allowing writers to take their thoughts to the platform and charge for monthly subscriptions directly on the platform. Facebook, too, is working on more newsletter offerings, launching Bulletin in 2021. This brings us to LinkedIn. 

Key players: Mailchimp, Facebook Bulletin, Twitter’s Revue, Substack, and now…LinkedIn

The LinkedIn newsletter

From only allowing select individuals to share newsletters, to all individuals, to all company pages, LinkedIn has expanded its newsletter offering slowly but surely over the past two years. Now anyone reading this can launch a LinkedIn newsletter in just a few minutes, capturing a familiar audience with a new format. 

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The benefits of starting a company LinkedIn newsletter

1. You have a built-in audience

When you launch your LinkedIn newsletter, you have the ability to invite all of your followers to subscribe. This can really kick-start things in the right direction. If you’ve been connecting with followers over the last decade, you can finally put that audience to use and enter the conversation with them on your terms. 

2. Email notifications up engagement    

Anyone who subscribes to your newsletter will receive your LinkedIn newsletter in their e-mail inbox just a few minutes after you hit publish. 

3. Consistency 

When you start a newsletter, set a schedule for yourself. Aim to publish daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly, and then stick to your schedule. A newsletter is a great way to consistently reach your audience. 

4. Start conversations 

LinkedIn is likely full of business opportunities for you, and when you start publishing your LinkedIn newsletter you’ll likely notice comments and questions start to happen organically on your individual newsletter issues. This is a great reason to start writing – more conversations mean more sales opportunities. 

5. It’s easy to use

LinkedIn has built one of the simplest newsletter publishing tools we’ve ever used. Easier than MailChimp or Convert Kit, similar to Substack’s user experience. All you have to do is start writing, add an image to go with your newsletter, and drag and drop videos, GIFs, or images anywhere you like. It’s extremely easy to use. 

LinkedIn’s publisher is intuitive and easy to use

But what if I’ve already got a newsletter? 

This is one of the top questions when it comes to starting a LinkedIn newsletter. Do you really need another newsletter? 

The answer isn’t so simple, but in the simplest terms: 

  1. If you have a large following on LinkedIn, it’s worthwhile, since you can invite your followers to subscribe. 
  2. You can always duplicate your existing newsletter and cross-post on LinkedIn (in particular, if your LinkedIn audience doesn’t already subscribe to your existing newsletter). 
  3. Starting a simple monthly newsletter with its own, unique offering could help you reach more people. 

Examples of LinkedIn newsletters

If you’re a creative professional, whether it be a marketer, social media manager, PR pro, or strategist, check out these marketing-related LinkedIn newsletters to get your creative juices flowing. 

The Weekly Forekast 

This newsletter gets sent out every Monday morning. It’s a quick, 3-minute rundown of everything that’s going to be trending on social media for the week ahead. Subscribe on LinkedIn or by email

The Weekly Forekast on LinkedIn

Creator Weekly 

A resource for creators on LinkedIn. This newsletter includes what’s trending on LinkedIn, and which creators are making an impact. It sounds similar to the Weekly Forekast but in practice, it’s much different – Creator Weekly focuses on what’s trending today, The Weekly Forekast focuses on what’s trending tomorrow (and beyond) so you can plan ahead. 

Creator Weekly on LinkedIn

Marketing Mentors

Monthly micro-mentorship moments with mega smart people in marketing. Say that three times fast. Written by PR and marketing expert Darian Kovacs, Marketing Mentors is full of great insights.  

Marketing Mentors on LinkedIn

Muck Rack Weekly 

We love this newsletter. It’s a weekly digest about the media news that’s making news, very meta. If you’re in PR, Muck Rack Weekly is a must. It’s written by Muck Rack CEO Gregory Galant. 

Muck Rack Weekly on LinkedIn

Hopeful these four newsletters will give you some ideas about where you can take your own brand or personal LinkedIn newsletter. Pick a theme, publish regularly and consistently, and get to know your audience. LinkedIn newsletters are a fantastic tool in your marketing toolbelt for growing brands looking to make a splash on social media. 

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